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Solar Guard


A light-activated nano-formulation that self-cleans PV panels, increases transparency by up to 3% increases energy yield by up to 9% and decreases cleaning frequency by up to 65%.

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  • 1 gallon covers approx. 1400 sq. ft.



By using Solar Guard to treat the worst-performing panels at Totana Solar Project in Murcia Spain, energy yield increased by 5%!

THE DIFFERENCE IS EASY TO SEELess dirt and dust on...


Less dirt and dust on your PV panels means the panels can do their job better! Solar Guard-treating panels means less cleaning for you and more energy yield!

                   easy to apply and useApplication is simple. Power wash and...

easy to apply and use

Application is simple. Power wash and clean your PV panels. Squeegee them dry. Using an HVLP sprayer, coat the panels with Solar Guard evenly. No dilution necessary!

                     save on cleaning costs!Frequent professional cleaning costs can add up...

save on cleaning costs!

Frequent professional cleaning costs can add up quickly. With Solar Guard, we’ve seen up to a 65% reduction in cleaning frequency, which saves money, and valuable resources! Cleaning is also easier without the need for harsh chemicals!

                   self-cleaning performanceSolar Guard decomposes gaseous and organic pollutants through its...

self-cleaning performance

Solar Guard decomposes gaseous and organic pollutants through its chemical reaction. This graph shows Solar Guard’s efficiency in the decomposition of methyl orange (pollutant) over time (minutes).

                   increase pv panel transparencySolar Guard-treated panels (the blue line above)...

increase pv panel transparency

Solar Guard-treated panels (the blue line above) reflect an increase in transparency by 3%. More transparency means PV panels absorb more UV light, therefore creating more energy!


Increases energy yield

Solar Guard-treated panels have shown an increase in transparency by up to 3%, and each treated panel is capable of increasing its energy yield by up to 9%.

Breaks down dirt & Dust

Solar Guard absorbs surrounding UV light to create a chemical reaction that works to break down growth and dirt build-up on PV panels. Let our nano-formulation do the heavy lifting for you! Save water, save money on cleaning costs!

Easy to apply and clean

Without the need for thinners or primers, Solar Guard is best applied to a clean, dry surface using a low-pressure pump-spray system without dilution. Cleaning is simple! Solar Guard creates a super-hydrophilic barrier, meaning surface stains wash off easily!

Improves surrounding air quality

Solar Guard decomposes VOCs, car exhaust fumes, and nitrogen oxides (NOx). As a result, surrounding air quality is improved! In terms of NOx pollutants, every 250 sq. ft. of Solar Guard-treated surface has the same cleaning power as 1 adult tree!

Use Cases

Solar Guard is specifically formulated for PV panels. It should not be used on any other type of surface.

You can apply Solar Guard to:

  • Solar Farms
  • Residential Solar Panels
  • & Other Solar Panels

Solar Guard Use Cases

Application Guide

Helpful resources

With the proper care, Solar Guard can provide long-term protection. Application is simple and you can even do it yourself.

We have helpful downloadable guides for applying for specific substrates. Below, you can find both application guides and helpful videos for applying Solar Guard.


Questions about application or post-application care? We’ve got you covered and we’re here to help!

Required tools

  • Microfiber Cloths
  • Isopropyl alcohol / glass cleaner
  • Standard mop / spinning wet mop
  • Squeegee
  • Pressure washer
  • HVLP spray gun
  • Pressure gauge
  • Air compressor

If applying by spray, please note our specifications of the air compressor you should be using below:

  • Type: Portable with electric motor
  • Container Size: 13 gallon
  • Power: 3HP (2200W)
  • Airflow: 11.65 cubic ft (330L) per min
  • PSI: 145 PSI (10 bar) high-pressure output

Surface prep

  • Clean PV panels by power washing.
  • Isopropyl alcohol or a regular glass cleaner may be used, as long as no oily residue is left on the PV panels.
  • A standard mop or spinning wet mop may be used to clean off stubborn dirt and solid pollutants from the PV panels if necessary.
  • Squeegee to dry if necessary.
  • Allow surfaces to dry completely.


Application conditions

Surface and air temperatures must be at least 50°F (10°C) during application and for 8 hours following and should not exceed 95°F (35°C). Do not apply by sprayer in windy conditions to prevent loss.


  1. Ensure PV panel surface does not exceed 104°F (40°C) prior to application.
  2. Install the pressure gauge between the air compressor and the HVLP spray gun.
  3. Shake Solar Guard well. Do not dilute. Load into HVLP spray gun.
  4. Regulate the HVLP sprayer so airflow pressure and product flow meets 1426 ft2/gal.
  5. Application speed depends on flow regulation, but it takes an average of 35 seconds to apply each coat on 21.53 sq.ft (2 sqm).
  6. Fully expand the HVLP spray fan and initiate spraying outside the application area to ensure flow stability.
  7. Keep the spray gun 6-8 inches away from the PV panel and hold down the trigger for a constant flow rate.
  8. Spray in parallel lines to cover the entire PV panel. Finish spraying outside the application area.
  9. Allow to dry, then re-apply at a perpendicular direction to the original spray layer. Rotating the HVLP spray head will help.
  10. Do not over-apply for optimal anti-reflection results.


Clean with pressure washer at low pressure if necessary. Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals or abrasive mops and scouring pads. If required, wipe with a wet, microfiber mop or cloth to remove stubborn dirt.


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