“Our smart nano-formulations protect and preserve natural resources, and save cost for our customers.”

ARMUS is a sustainably focused, nano-technology solutions company. Our formulas prolong the lifecycle of any material, with a focus in the construction and marine industries. Our water-based nano-solutions and paints help protect assets, reduce maintenance costs, and reduce the waste of natural resources.

Our team is comprised of over 30 years combined experience of design professionals, engineers, and construction and marine experts that understand the importance of providing sustainable solutions to everyday problems. Every one of our nano-formulations protects the environments in which we live and work every day.

Because protection is so vital, every product is designed to last, and to make the assets of our clients last, from building facades, new construction, to vessels and historic monuments.

Because our coatings and paint work on a variety of substrates, we are a universal single-hub solution for contractors, applicators, developers and owners that care about sustainability and protecting their assets.

About Armus


Here at Armus, we’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to. We want to stay at the forefront of scientific advancement, which leads us to nanotechnology.

How can micro-science be applied to help us in our macro-world? Science will play a huge role in our future, and we want to continue to be part of that conversation.

Our solutions are simple and easy to use. Spray it on, roll it on, and move on! We’re constantly developing and improving existing formulations so they perform better, last longer and utilize the most updated technology!


As our world grows and expands, our resources are depleting. We are designing smarter, but are we also protecting what we are creating? Are we building an infrastructure that lasts?

Our solutions protect the existing and historical assets of the infrastructure that we live, move, and work in.

Armus solutions allow for less maintenance costs for cleaning, less manpower, less labor, less wasted precious resources. Our solutions also help protect what we are currently building and creating.


Every project has a cost associated to it. But what happens when we’re done building or acquiring new assets? There is always an added cost for maintenance and cleaning to make things last.

Armus’s nano-formulated solutions are long-lasting with some lasting up to a decade. This means cost savings for our clients. Less upkeep, lower labor costs, and less repairs and cleaning costs.

With Armus, this means fewer trips to maintain or fix, lower energy bills, less wasted water. We are looking for partners to tenets align with ours! Find your nano-solution today!

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