WB Epoxy Primer - Why You Need It

Complete roof protection

Armus Water-borne Epoxy Primer is a required primer for use with ROOF GUARD or FLOOR GUARD EXTREME for complete roofing protection.

Armus Water-borne Epoxy Primer is ideal for use with most topcoats on various substrates. Not only does it create strong adhesion between your final topcoat and the base substrate, it also creates a waterproof barrier in your base layer, preventing water and weather damage and protecting your substrate from future corrosion. Using Water-borne Epoxy Primer can also stabilize application surfaces, making topcoat applications easier and smoother.


Water-borne Epoxy Primer can be applied to most porous substrates directly. It is suitable for applications subjected to rising damp and or sites exposed to weather and water.


Armus Water-borne Epoxy Primer dries quickly to form a hard, abrasion and impact-resistant coating that is non-absorbent. Its nano-epoxy formulation also creates a barrier that protects against corrosion, is resistant to acids, alkalis, oils, cleaning agents and other chemicals.

Water-borne adhesion & protection

Unlike traditional water-based epoxy primers, our primer is water-borne, meaning it provides better adhesion to a wider range of surfaces. This is important in preventing the topcoat from peeling, chipping or failing. Water-borne Epoxy primers are also more durable and resistant to chemicals, moisture and abrasion than other water-based epoxy primers.