Roof Guard - Why You Need It


Roof Guard requires a basecoat of ARMUS WATER-BORNE EPOXY PRIMER. Our WBE Primer is formulated to work on the same substrates and provides better final adhesion and a stronger roof waterproofing barrier. 

Armus WBE Primer provides a base layer of waterproofing protection, and when it is paired together with Roof Guard, you get two layers of protection and performance. WBE Primer provides superior adhesion when it comes in contact with Roof Guard, ensuring that your roof is fully protected over time and won't wear off.


Roof Guard is a polyaspartic coating, liquid roof waterproofing membrane. As part of Armus's roofing repair system, it forms a seamless membrane, eliminating the possibility of leaks. Our polyaspartic nano-coating is not only strong, but it’s flexible, allowing it to expand and contract with temperature changes without cracking or peeling as well!

Unlike other roof coatings and materials, Roof Guard is the most UV-stable liquid-applied membrane available on the market today. Having UV stability means you are protecting your roofing materials from degradation from being exposed to UV radiation, preventing cracking and roofing failures and leaks.


Armus Roof Guard has built-in nano-ingredients that block heat transfer and reflect thermal radiation. It's the ideal coating material to use in roof repair as it creates significant energy savings in all seasons! Save on your energy bill while protecting your roof!

With 93% reflectivity and emissivity, Roof Guard reflects most heat from the sun, and will not trap heat and transfer it into the building interior. This keeps buildings cooler in the summer. In winter, Roof Guard has a thermal conductivity rating at least 5x lower than other competitors, which helps keep buildings warmer in winter.

The unique thermal properties of Roof Guard save on energy costs year-round!


Roof Guard's liquid waterproofing membrane has a 45-minute max working time, allowing you to take your time during application to ensure full and even coverage. After applying, Thermal Guard Roofs has a curing time of 48 hours, faster than other roof coating options. This is beneficial on sites and projects where minimizing downtime is crucial.

Other roof coatings, like silicone and cool white paints, require your surface to be a fully repaired flat roof, because uneven surfaces affecting performance and durability. Roof Guard can be applied on flat roofs or moderately uneven surfaces together with Armus Water-borne Epoxy Primer. As a roofing repair system, Armus provides the same waterproofing performance and protection while cutting your surface prep time in half.