Thermal Guard Metal - Why You Need It


Armus Thermal Guard Metal has built-in nanoparticles that block heat transfer and reflect thermal radiation. When applied properly to metal surfaces, trucks, trailers and warehouses, this can generate significant energy savings. For reefer trailers, we’ve seen a reduction in fuel consumption by up to 65% and temperature differences up to 5°F.


By creating a waterproof, weather-resistant and UV-resistant barrier on metal surfaces, Thermal Guard Metal treated surfaces are protected from water damage and future corrosion!

Durable, Seamless and Flexible

Thermal Guard Metal is a polyaspartic coating that forms a seamless membrane, eliminating the possibility of leaks. Without the risk of water ingress, your metal surfaces are protected against future corrosion and water damage. Our polyaspartic nano-coating is not only strong, but it’s flexible, allowing it to expand and contract with temperature changes without cracking or peeling as well!


Thermal Guard Metal has a 45-minute max working time, allowing you to take your time during application to ensure full and even coverage. After applying, Thermal Guard Metal has a curing time of 48 hours, faster than other roof coating options. This is beneficial on sites and projects where minimizing downtime is crucial.