The Nano-Science - Solar Guard

ARMUS Solar Guard is an invisible, anti-reflective, nano-structured self-cleaning coating that self-cleans PV panels while maintaining the transparency of the substrate. The proprietary formula is a fused combination of TiO₂ – SiO₂ nanoparticles. TiO₂ (Titianium-dioxide) nanoparticles induce self-cleaning and 
SiO₂ (silicone) nanoparticles promote surface adhesion.


Solar Guard acts by absorbing and using surrounding light to self-clean PV panels. It absorbs surrounding ultraviolet light and transforms it into chemical energy. The chemical reaction decomposes organic pollutants and dirt and creates an anti-static barrier that prevents additional dust build-up. 


A Solar Guard-coated PV panel has increased transparency (AR properties) as the nanoparticles reduce roughness, which helps to increase energy yield.


When compared to other formulations, Solar Guard's formulation goes further than just a silicone layer. Our nanoparticles reduce surface roughness that would induce secondary light reflection. When applied correctly, Solar Guard can increase PV panel transparency by up to 3%.


When it comes to energy yield, Solar Guard-treated PV panels can provide up to 9% energy increase, depending on environmental conditions.


Solar power is green, but constant cleaning wastes water. Let Solar Guard do the heavy-lifting for you!