Solar Guard - Why You Need It

Increases energy yield

Solar Guard-treated panels have shown an increase in transparency by up to 3%, and each treated panel is capable of increasing its energy yield by up to 9%.

Breaks down dirt & Dust

Solar Guard absorbs surrounding UV light to create a chemical reaction that works to break down growth and dirt build-up on PV panels. Let our nano-formulation do the heavy lifting for you! Save water, save money on cleaning costs!

Easy to apply and clean

Without the need for thinners or primers, Solar Guard is best applied to a clean, dry surface using a low-pressure pump-spray system without dilution. Cleaning is simple! Solar Guard creates a super-hydrophilic barrier, meaning surface stains wash off easily!

Improves surrounding air quality

Solar Guard decomposes VOCs, car exhaust fumes, and nitrogen oxides (NOx). As a result, surrounding air quality is improved! In terms of NOx pollutants, every 250 sq. ft. of Solar Guard-treated surface has the same cleaning power as 1 adult tree!