Pure Guard - Why You Need It


Pure Guard absorbs surrounding UV light to crate a chemical reaction that works to break down organic growth and dirt build-up on horizontal and vertical surfaces.


Pure Guard decomposes VOCs, car exhaust fumes, and nitrogen oxides (NOx). As a result, surrounding air quality is improved! In terms of NOx pollutants, every 250 sq. ft. of Pure Guard-treated surface has the same cleaning power as 1 adult tree!

Easy to apply and clean

Without the need for primers, Pure Guard is best applied to a clean, dry surface using a low-pressure pump-spray system without dilution. Cleaning is simple! Pure Guard creates a super-hydrophilic barrier, meaning surface stains wash off easily!

Choose the Armus Combo

Pure Guard works best as a topcoat with either HYDRO GUARD or REPAIR GUARD as a protective base. Hydro Guard / Repair Guard protect or reinforce the base substrate, and together with Pure Guard’s cleaning power, you’ve got full-system protection.