Application - Thermal Guard Interior


  • All surfaces should be clean and dry.
  • Substrate temp should be 46.4°-95°F (8°-35°C)
  • Stir well before application. Do not dilute for bridging gaps and hairline cracks of up to 0.5 mm.
  • For cracks larger than 1mm, fill the gap with a suitable putty.
  • If thinning is required add up to 10% water by volume.
  • For new cement/masonry substrates, allow to cure for > 4 weeks prior to application.



  • Apply 2-3 even coats using a good quality brush, roller or by spraying with a tip of a diameter 1.4mm or more. 
  • Do not overbrush. Ensure corners / edges are adequately covered. 
  • Additional coats should be applied 4-6 hours after the previous application.



  • Up to 400 sq.ft. per gallon, dependent on properties of surface.