Application - Metal Guard


  • Wipe all surfaces clean of dust & debris.
  • Wear protective gloves & gear before applying
  • Clean metal surface completely with Xylol Xylene thinner & microfiber cloth, 


  • Completely mix Part A (Base) & Part B (Hardener) together
  • Stir well for a minimum of 2 minutes
  • By Spraying: Paint pressure pot with power agitator, double air regulators, moisture trap, 1/2” ID fluid hose, 5/16” ID air hose, DeVilbiss 510 gun, “E” tip and needle, 74 or 78 air cap
  • By Airless Spray: min. pump: 30:1, Nozzle: 19-23
  • By Brush: Only for stripe coating or small, narrow areas
  • Allow to dry. Touch-dry in 4 hours. Full cure in 24 hours.


  • Up to 431 sq.ft. per gallon, dependent on properties of surface.