Application - Heavy Duty Cleaner


  • Wipe all surfaces clean of dust & debris.
  • Wear protective gloves & gear before applying



  • Shake well prior to application.
  • Apply Heavy Duty Cleaner without dilution.
  • For lightly stained surfaces, dilute with water up to 1:5 ratio.
  • Allow Heavy Duty Cleaner to work on the surface for about 1 minute max. 
  • Remove residues by scrubbing with a hard sponge. 
  • Do NOT use a metal sponge to scrub surface.
  • After residue removal, rinse surface thoroughly with water.
  • Work in 1-minute batches and reapply if necessary.
  • Use only in well-ventilated areas.



  • Up to 431 sq.ft. per gallon, dependent on properties of surface.